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Engaging in proper wig care is incredibly important to ensure the longevity of your Full Lace Wigs. Caring for a wig is different to caring for natural hair, even if the wig itself is made from human hair! The internet however is filled with conflicting wig care advice. Many common tips, such as using fabric conditioner to reduce unnatural shine from synthetic wigs, despite their popularity can actually damage your wig if not careful. Even though many wig wearers swear by ‘handy’ tricks such as this one, they can sometimes do more harm than good!
At Simply Wigs, we hold extensive experience and possess expert knowledge in the realm of ladies wigs and hair pieces. By following the below wig care tips on what practices to avoid when wearing a wig, you can ensure proper wig maintenance, and a happy and healthy wig with a long life span!

Different types of wigs require different types of care. One of the biggest mistakes you can therefore make is to treat all wigs as equal, and care for them as such. Synthetic hair is less heat-resistant and more prone to tangling, although every wig varies. Always follow your wig’s specific care instructions above all else.

Despite each wig’s unique nature, general rules can be outlined for the difference between human and synthetic hair regarding activities such as washing. See our blog for detailed advice on both how to wash a human hair wig and how to wash a fibre wig, and to make sure you’re purchasing the right wig care products for your wig type.

Investing in the correct care products for your wig is absolutely crucial, as not doing so can cause irreparable damage. For acrylic/synthetic fibres specifically, using incorrect products greatly reduces their longevity due to the scented chemicals they contain.

The overuse of hair spray on your wig is a definite no-no, as doing so greatly increases the likelihood of tangling, grease build-up and just generally makes your wig much harder to style. If you have to spray your wig, stick to one spray/shine product which is specifically wig-approved, and limit the amount you use.

Alternatively, follow styling instructions from a professional and use a wig gel spray to keep your hair in place, or speak to your hairdresser or wig consultant for further advice on how to style your wig.

Heat is potentially one of the most detrimental elements to wig longevity. For synthetic full lace human hair wigs complete avoidance is recommended, whilst even with human hair wigs the use of heat products should be kept to a minimum.

As previously mentioned, speak to a wig professional if you require further information on styling without heat; our blog features several useful styling resources which may help also.

Whilst it might be incredibly tempting to fall asleep in your wig, especially after a long day, it’s imperative that you don’t. Sleeping in your wig means you’ll most likely wake up with a head full of knots and tangles, giving you one extra (much bigger) task to take care of the next day!

One of the most pivotal wig care tips we can offer is to avoid having your wig come into contact with water, as much as is physically possible. As such, you should make certain not to shower in your wig. Avoid swimming with your wig too, or take extra care to keep your head above water when doing so.

Whilst it’s imperative that you put the time and energy into looking after your wig, maintaining your own hair is equally important. If you’re suffering from partial hair loss, be sure to keep up regular care for your natural hair too. You may wish to invest in a wig cap for extra cleanliness and added ease.

Whilst wig maintenance is different to the maintenance of natural hair, one thing remains consistent; unless you are a professional, please don’t attempt to cut your wig yourself! This is especially true given the varied nature and texture of wigs. Instead, take your wig to a hairdresser. There are many salons and stylists that specialise in wig care; ask around and find one in your area. You’ll thank us later!

Browse our site to discover all the wig care products you’ll need. We stock wig shampoo, conditioner, and fixing spray from a variety of the very best wig-care brands, guaranteed to maintain your wig’s softness, shine and give it all the TLC it deserves!

If you have any further questions regarding full lace human hair wigs for caucasian maintenance and care, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, or schedule an appointment with our expert team. Keep reading our blog for more wig care tips and tricks!