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Hair extensions are, unlike a Body Wave with Closure, hair pieces that come in rows or chunks that you install into your hair to change the appearance. You can use them to make your hair longer or to add in color or texture that your hair doesn’t already have. You can even match your hair with the extensions to make your hair fuller and more voluminous. You can install them a variety of ways and they will last for a variety of length depending on your method and quality. You can clip them into your hair for a single day and reuse them later, or tape them in and keep them secure in your hair for a few weeks, or have them more professionally sewn or glued in for the hair to stay in for as much as a few months. Extensions for your hair will give a more realistic and convincing appearance than a wig (we’ve reviewed the best wigs in a separate post) and they will give you a lot more freedom in your styling choices. They can be real hair or synthetic and, depending on which you choose, you may even be able to style them as you would your own hair.

How long do hair extensions last for?

How long your hair extensions last depends on the type and the installation. The range of use is as varied as is the style options. If you have clip in extensions, you won’t wear them for more than a day, maybe two if you’re careful. Tape in hair extensions will last quite a bit longer, maybe up to four to six weeks. (Please note, though: You will need to be careful with your tape ins to allow them to last that long. If you take no extra precautions with your hair, definitely expect them to last around a month.) Hair bundles that are sewn into your hair will last much longer, indeed. In fact, the only reason they’re going to come out is if you physically remove them and that makes it up to you. You can expect even with slowly growing hair to wear sewn in extensions (or weaves) for six to eight weeks at least. It’s very common to have extensions sewn in for a seasonal hair style. For example, “Summer Hair” may be a shorter cut that you can get wet and won’t be too heavy in the dog days of summer and a “Winter Hair” will commonly be longer.

If, however, you’re curious how long the hair will last before shedding and fraying, then the answer will depend on the quality of the body wave bundles with closure you purchase. Real human hair will, of course, last longer than synthetic (and they will cost more, too). A stronger or thicker weft will result in longer term use while remaining gorgeous. You will need to complete proper maintenance on the hair, no matter what type to ensure optimal longevity.

Do Body Wave with Closure damage your real hair?

This is a tricky question to answer. Technically speaking no, the Body Wave with Closure themselves will not damage your hair. In fact, they will help you leave your hair alone, which may help the overall health of your hair. It puts a lot of stress on our hair, styling it every day and by using extensions, you maybe giving your hair the break it needs. Or at least allowing it to share the strain of brushing, hot iron, or blow drying with the extensions. Even if you don’t style every day (and who has time for that), you will probably do something to it and pulling it back into a ponytail or bun, while the simplest hairstyle, can also pull and strain your hair. With extensions, you won’t pull it back as often and styling will be primarily focused on the extensions. Keep in mind, though, having extensions in may make you more tempted to style and mess with your hair frequently. It’s a trade-off. But at least you aren’t pulling it tight into that sleek bun.

Worthy of note for long-term hair extensions: Though they are the easiest, most long-lasting they are also the ones that will be most likely to damage your hair. The strain of tightly braiding your hair so that you may sew the bundles in will encourage nerve and follicle damage which can result in hair thinning and hair loss. Removing the glue from the protein-bonding hair extensions will inevitable pull some of your hair out from the roots. (Never, ever just remove the glued in extensions without using a removal product. You can purchase a glue remover that is an absolute must when taking these extensions out.)

Can you get permanent hair extensions?

You can’t really get brazilian body wave bundles with closure that are permanent. Theoretically, you can; if you have absolutely no hair grown on your head then you can have extensions glued to your scalp, but even those will pull away from your skin eventually and should any hair grow, it will force the adhesive away from your skin all the faster. No, permanent isn’t a realistic goal. However, many people refer to the long-term extensions as permanent and they are often long enough term wear that it can seem permanent. In fact, the most “permanent” you can get are the hair extensions that are so thoroughly installed into your hair that you can’t remove them at home or independently. You will very likely need assistance to safely take out the protein-bonded (glued) and the sewn in (weaves) extensions and that is close enough to permanent that it gets away with the term.