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100% Human Hair Wig, Cheap Wigs for Women

The Cheap Wigs fades gradually in color from a natural black shade to a sleek gray that is all the rage right now. The synthetic hair is heat resistant up to 320 degrees F, so you’ll be able to curl it, or blow it dry but watch out for the high temperatures.

The lace front is hand-tied with two and a half inches of lace to work with in the front so you’ll have plenty of slack to create the hairline just as you like it. You’ll just trim it to fit your head and glue it into place. The back will adjust slightly to make the fit a perfect one, and the 12 inches of straight hair will give you plenty of hair to work with; you’ll be able to get the exact style or cut you like.

Next, we’re going to explore how to choose the right wig colour. If you’re wearing a wigs for sale for the first time, we recommend choosing a wig colour that closely matches your current or most recent hairstyle. A subtle colour change will make your transition to wig wearing easier.

Another tip when choosing your wig colour is to consider your skin tone. The shade and tone of one hair colour will suit some skin tones better than others. A good colour match will not only give you a more natural look but will help you feel more confident in your wig.

When you gradually become more used to wearing a wig, you can start to play around with colours and try out more dramatic styles!

Another important step when determining ‘which wig is right for me?’ is deciding on the wig type you want. The wig type you choose will determine how you put on your wig, how you care for your wig and how your wig will look. The most common best wigs types are:

As the name suggests, every individual hair is hand-tied to the base of the wig. The result is a wig that moves freely and naturally. You will also benefit from being able to style your hair in all directions, giving you more versatility when it comes to creating looks.

With 100% hand-tied wigs, you can also expect a cap that is super soft and extremely comfortable to wear. As such, we especially recommend these wigs for sale to individuals who have sensitive scalps or have experienced hair loss.

And, because of the construction of hand-tied wigs, they feel very light and will offer you and extremely comfortable fit all day.